Stortregn is a Blackened Death Metal band, from Switzerland. After recording three albums, having toured in three differents continents and worked with various records labels, they have released their fourth album, « Emptiness Fills the Void » in May 2018.

Initially influenced by the Nordic Black Metal scene, they have expanded their vision and sound into a more contemporary era. They are greatly appreciated for their music and even more so for their live shows. With a relentless energy, they deliver a mix of charging riffs, blast beats and brutality that leaves the audience with a lasting impression and begging for more. After many years of touring, including live appearances at Wacken (Germany) and Metal Days (Slovenia), Stortregn has become inevitable in the Blackened Death metal scene.

Stortregn are : Romain Negro on vocals, Johan Smith and Duran Bathija on guitars, Manuel Barrios on bass guitar and Samuel Jakubec on drums.

Romain Negro: Vocals

Johan Smith: Guitar

Samuel Jakubec: Drums

Duran Bathija: Guitar

Manuel Barrios: Bass